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You are so opionated John... 'Guilty as charged.'

By John Bellamy.

This Blog was started when the origonal Lockdown started in March 2020 as a way of keeping in touch, keeping you entertained with some interesting stuff, some horny picture pages and something to make you laugh. It has been vey well received, much more so than I ever dreamed possible, and the scores of e mails in reply, the flattering comments and the joy it spreads makes all the hard work worthwhile and I am dead chuffed.I actually thought that when we re opened and when the various lockdowns rescinded and people were out and about more, that the weekly numbers reading it would drop dramatically as people get back to their real lives and time wasted on things to fill the time were now not wanted as much - but I have been proven wrong.

I didn't start this as a way of pushing up web numbers, and I don't do it to fill in time I have free as my time is always full - I did it because I wanted to reach out to so many men who do not live an out gay lifestyle like I do, and who have little connection to the gay lifestyle, but dream , fantasize and occasionally get to experience the fantasy and actually visit Ham Hall or some other gay venue and missing this part of themselves, even if only occasionally, helps keep peoples sanity and hence, this was started for you - be you a gay man, bisexual, trans, curious or even anti - as you ARE a man - and this jumble of stuff is just that - a jumble of stuff that interests me and I share what I find, what I know, what I want to be and what is - or maybe what is not - and with some jokes and pictures and music clips and editorials, it is what it is and I love it.

According to the numbers between the same time last year and this - numbers are more or less the same, with one week slightly higher and the next slightly lower - and so it goes and I do see a HUGE INCREASE in views every weekend after I post it out to you and I am right impressed. Compared to the same time 2 years ago and before the pandemic and before I started posting out the Blog every weekend - numbers for the web site were always phenominal compared to most places ( an average hotel like this gets around 500 - 1,000 hits A YEAR - we get that A DAY ) and sometimes and at weekends when this Blog is posted out, the numbers sky rocket and with millions - yes MILLIONS of hits a year, this web site is MOST CERTAINLY a very popular site and so it continues, week after week, and thank you for all your kind and thoughtful e mails in response and thankyou for all your superb support.

Manyhave commented how other groups they are on have vanished throughout the pandemic and except for a few individuals, groupe have let themselves down by hybernbating themselves and ignoring their members who they are suppose to be there for - and have not been - and many have voiced to me how they have felt abandoned by community groups that have clearly no interest when the shit hits the fan - whereas Hamilton Hall is here for you throughout - regardless.


Some call me opionated - and I am absolutely GUILTY AS CHARGED - and I am SO PROUD to be so as there is nothing - absolutely nothing worse, that someone who has no comment, no opinions, no thoughts on the subject - ANY subject - as EVERYTHING affects us all in one way or the other and whether it be this pandemic, China's role in world economics, Trump, Boris, Brexit, the NHS, the economy, flights abroad, the French, the local coluncil, shops closing on the high street, internet banking chaos, self assisted suicide, the environment, the new labels like LGBTQ etc, and so much more - I LOOK AND LEARN AND WORRY AND SHOW CONCERN AND HAVE AN OPINION TO SHARE - an if that is a bad thing then I would say you have things the wrong way round and IF YOU HAVE NO OPINION, NO VOICE, NO CARE AND NO THOUGHTS ON ANYTHING OTHER THAN YOUR OWN LITTLE WORLD, then I will find you boring - dull - nothjing to talk about outside of your small circle and if being opinionated means showing an interest in EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING - THEN I AM AS GUILTY AS CHARGED - AND FUCKING PROUD OF IT.

So if you are one of those people who find fault in others because they talk a lot and have something to say - when you do not - SHUT UP - BEFORE YOU MAKE A FOOL OF YOURSELF and then maybe you might learn something.

I remember at the BK's decades ago, 125 men and spirituality discussion, 8 of us around the room involved in a deep and powerful discussion on sex and spirituality and some one interupted and stopped the entire discussion, NOT BECAUSE HE HAD ANYTHING TO ADD - BUT BECAUSE HE WAS BEING IGNORED AND HE WANTED TO SPEAK - BUT HAD FUCK ALL TO SAY BUT HOW MUCH HE HAD ENJOYED THE WEEKEND, which was COMPLETELY not what was going on and the entire room, every person, groaned - as he had ruined a moment, a special moment , by having fuck all to add but just wanted to hear his own voice. EVERYONE looked at each other in wonderment how he had had the nerve, the cheek, to have done such a thing and it was one of those moments where he should have been embarrassed to hell but because he clearly didn't get it - he was oblivious to how the entire room felt about his interuption and how he had shown himself up to be nothing but a moron.

I have had - and continue to enjoy, a life that millions of gay men around the woprld would give their neft testicle to have.Is that opionated ?

No - it is true and if you assume that is arrogant, then check out the facts.

Out and proud since the age of 15.

Lived with first lover from 16 - 24 - where he was 42.

Lived with mega wealthy lover in the USA, Mexico and Hawaii.

Became the top gay sex worker in the UK and showed them ALL how to do it with style and class and not in some down market low life way - sadly many think is suitable.

Ran the only escort agency ANYWHERE - specializing in escorts over the age of 30 - which was phenominally popular and busy.And before the cunts get nasty - yes I paid tax as a sex worker - had a book keeper, accountant and everything...

Saw tens of thousands of customers with at least a 90% repeat clientelle ( same as Hammy Hall ) and remained HIV Negative throughout.

Sold up and bought a hotel FOR CASH and converted to be what the world now knows as Hamilton Hall - a Sexual, Self and Spiritual Development Retreat Style Hotel for Mind, Body and Soul Exclusively of Men - and is the only one in the UK - the only one we can find in Europe and certainly, after years of asking, the only one anywhere.

Seen on National and International TV in various programmes but the most obvious - 3 IN A BED.

Oh and I have a big fat dick... ha ha .... and that does piss some people off as well... ha ha

and big low hanging balls.... ha ha

Just to rub salt into the wound that so festers for a few.

Now maybe you will understand why I get hate mail - as many who resent and envy cannot accept that their life is theirs to do with whatever they want and if they allow family, church,m politics, to get in the way of living life as they see fit 0- and if they choose to get married and have children and hide their sexuality - or live in a homophobic coluntry where they also have to hide - or th church has them hating themselves - then Hamilton Hall and myself are always here with an understandiung shoulder and a sympathetic ear and the ability to show care and thohught and understanding and where you can enjoy a little of what I live on a daily basis.


To those who cannot afford it, ask about our free stays offers.

To those who hate us - Thankyou. Your hate is because you envy and resent what we have, so thanks for the compliment and sorry you are not a happy camper. If there is anything I can do to help in some way, I am here to share and talk and help... and I bet the haters do not offer that to anyone else, they are too busy being angry.

Look at how many hate Peter Tatchell without ever meetig him - or knowing that the gay life many enjoy is only available because people like Peter Tatchell PUT HIMSELF IN HARMS WAY FOR YOU - by taking on the big bad wolf, by standing up and being heard, by being beaten unconscious and by not giving in - by taking the hull by the horns and not allowing it to go any further and by educating the ignorant throughout the land and by standing firm and never giving in, AND I TRULY ADMIRE THIS MAN AND WE ALL OWE HIM A MASSIVE THANKYOU, and if you disagree, then you showing exactly how ungreatful you are and how uncaring you are and hopw you are truly unworthy.

I take my hat off and bow deeply in respect to Peter Tatchell... BIG TIME.

So be opionated. Be a know-all. Learn and grow and evolve and above all else, please - don't stay ignorant to so much - when it is so easy to ask, read, watch, look and learn and find anything and everything of interest.

Then maybe you will find interesting people to talk to and not just about Eastenders or Corrie.





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