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I recently received an e mail from a man of my age group - 60's - who said he was single and living alone and wanted to go away somewhere but wanted to be with friendly people and not have to pay through the teeth -  a Single Supplement.

I am in the same boat.

I don't mind the travel, it's when I get there - it's nice to share the experience and laughter.

Not to sit at a table for one.  

Alone in my hotel room watching telly. 

Too old for gay bars - if I can find one and not my scene anyway.

Saunas are okay for a while but ultimately it's ' home alone' - which can be fine as I love being single - but when taking a few days away, alone is not for me.

As a twin, I am not use to being alone and as much fun as can be had - it is nice to share it with others.

That's where Hamilton Hall comes into play.

One large table where we share meals together.

Spend time with the other guests and/or myself and friendly staff who will sit and chat and laugh and share and involve and even listen and understand.

Sharing is good.

Any time at Hamilton Hall is good for singles to visit.
You do not need be alone.

Any age - any shape, any anything really, as we are all the same underneath and loneliness cripples.


So why not tell your friends, share this with others and ' come on down' and share, you might even make life long friends.


scroll down for some of your e mails concerning this topic.









That is beautiful and very moving.  Loneliness is awful and sometimes you can know quite a few people to chat with but still feel utterly and desperately alone and alienated.  Because the conversation is not real conversation and empathy and understanding are lacking.  This probably makes no sense but was spontaneous and from the heart.

Thanks for your emails.

Martin x



Thankyou for this e mail John.  How sweet and caring. How thoughtful. How considerate. Wish more gay men had your heart.  Robert.


John.  Thanks. Your e mail about loneliness touched me. It is my one fear as I get older and being alone does not appeal.  Nice to know you are there John and caring .  Mark B.


Thanks for your e mail about loneliness John.  After a life filled with people, almost all who are now dead, I find myself almost alone and scared for the future. I don't want to be that person alone every night with the telly and having to shop daily just to be able to talk to someone, as my Mother did.  I don't see myself being able to cope with solitude in a world full of lonely people.  I know how isolating the gay scene can be and how us oldies are invisible to many and that scares me.  Your e mail gave hope.  Wilfred J.



I always enjoy your newsletter and comments and while I live in Cyprus and have only visited your delightful hotel once,  I have fond memories and am reminded with each newsletter and e mail exactly why you are such a gem for the gay world.


Why is the gay world so shit John ? Why are there so few out there who offer help and support from the heart instead of just being money, sex, drugs and rock'n'roll all the time and me me me ?  I work in mental health and see so many LGBT who say there are so few people who understand and yet here you are - a generous caring soul and I do wonder, how you keep doing what you do without burning out.
I must visit again soon. George G. (Wales )


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