Various Special Events are charged individually


25% - 50%



Valid provisionally for between

July 1st - September 30th 2020

Single night charged at full price
2 night  stay charged at the single night price

4 nights charged as 2

6 nights charged as 3

Not available over Workshop / Seminar /
Special Event periods or over  the Festive Season



SINGLE ROOM - 1 night - £70 / 2 nights £110 / 3 nights £160 /

7 nights £375 /  extra nights £65

TWIN SHARE - PER PERSON - 1 night £65 / 2 nights £110 /

3 nights £150  7 nights £340 / extra nights £ 60

DOUBLE - 1 night £110 / 2 nights £180 / 3 nights £270 /

7 nights £600  / extra nights £100

DOUBLE - SINGLE OCCUPANCY - 1 night £90 / 2 nights £160 /

3 nights £215  / 7 nights £500 / extra nights £85

SUPER KING - 1 night £145 / 2 nights £250 / 3 nights £350 /

7 nights £750  / extra nights £115

DORM ROOM - 4 SHARING BUNK BEDS - 1 night £55 / 2 nights £95 /

 3 nights £135  /  7 nights £300 / extra nights £ 50

If you can afford the full non discounted price, please do pay the full amount as we offer this discount to help many afford a few days away during these difficult and financially strapped times for us all, and as a means to stay open.  Many are unemployed and many are struggling but need a break after all that has occured. If you can financially afford to help the rest of us out and be generous and thoughtful and pay the full price, you will be rewarded in Heaven ( and I don't mean the night club... )  It's up to you to keep your favourite venues open- or not - as once closed - they will never re open.
Someone in the USA who has never been here but loves the ethos and follows our web site - sent me $250 recently as a way of helping us ride the storm and remain here at the end of it. With so many major stores and hotel chains going bust,  it is up to small hotel like ours, and the only exclusive male only venue of its kind in England,  to survive,-  and that needs you.





even your x boyfriend


1 dog 1 night - £10 / 2 nights - £15 / 3 nights - £20 / per week - £25
2 dogs 1 night - £15 / 2 nights - £20 / 3 nights - £25 / per week - £35

Bring your own food and bedding
Guide dogs are free
Your dog and yourself both need to be house trained

We have our own friendly Weimeraner
In the evening if you wish us to ' dog sit' until midnight while you go out -

it is our pleasure





2 night minimum / Credit - Debit Card bookings only

Single night charged at the whole price for a single night.

DATE CHANGE TO ANOTHER DATE - FREE ( min 72 hours notice )
Further Date change - £15 admin.

CANCELLATION : Minimum of 72 hours notice BY E MAIL.

All full & correct cancellations are fully refunded minus a

£15 Credit Card Bankers Fee is charged.
Less than 72 hours cancellation, no refund.

2nd LOCKDOWN : If we are forced into a second lockdown we will not be offering refunds - but a date change. FREE.  

We simply cannot afford to. 

ALL BOOKINGS will be respected and valued and we

will work with you to arrange dates to suit.

Apologies, but business all over are struggling and we

are not the only ones.
This aplies to ALL bookings at Hamilton Hall



  • Date change by you - £15 admin ( min 72 hours notice )
    Further Date Changes - £15 admin.

  • Cancellation - 7 days min. notice of cancellation and

  • 50% is returned

  • Less than 7 days - no refunD

  • If we cancel - a future date will be offered and / or  a full refund will be offered.


  • Some events are X Rated weekend - Adults Only.

  • Please be responsible and mature in all dealings with Hamilton Hall. adolescent behaviour please

  • Our normal Terms & Conditions for cancellation

  • will not apply during this period of uncertainty.

  • If Hamilton Hall cancels your booking then a 100% refund will be offered and/or the choice to hold the booking for a future date of your choice.


Items that were freely available for our guests when paying the full price are now to be charged for if required.    Please pay your server IN CASH at the time.  This is for obvious reasons.
Paying on Credit / Debit Card – 10% Banking Charge is added.


  • EXTRA TOWELS:    £4 per towel.

  • EXTRA BEDDING:   Changed within 7 days   - £10


  • DINNER: REDUCED TO  £15 - SAVING £10 on the usual charge
    We no longer serve  free wine and ground coffee with dinner.

    These are available to purchase if required.

  • GROUND COFFEE - £2 single /  £4 Double

  • CORKAGE  We now charge £3 corkage if you wish to bring your own wine into the building. We supply the glasses, fridge to chill it and even wash up your glasses after. 

  • TAKE OUT - If you order 'Take out' from one of the local take-aways cafes and wish to eat it here, we do now charge  £3 for using our facilities and where we offer the plate etc. refreshments and condiments / ketchup etc.  This use to be free but with our prices now HALF PRICE on 2019 prices - and where we are trying to stay afloat,  our very generous and kindly nature in offering so much for free - comes to an end and like most venues who charge for every little thing, and now we do.

  • TEAS @ INSTANT COFFEE - 50 different teas & cold drinks  - Freely available as before 24/7 - STILL ALL FREE

  • BOTTLED WATER:  We no longer offer free bottled water. Chilled Dorset Tap Water is available in the fridge in the Dining Area.

  • NAKED MISTAKES:  Anyone leaving a little signature on towels, bedding or furniture will be charged £10 - £50  for cleaning - depending  what is in need of laundry.   Usually this is free but no longer. If you leave a skid mark, we will know, and you will be charged.
    ( It happens, no problem, we are older and less ‘in control.’  Please just be honest with us.)


Thanks for your appreciation and understanding. 

Anyone offering myself, my staff and my guests attitude, abuse or a condescending manner -  will be spoken to in order to adjust their manner and if this is not forthcoming -- then they will be -


and no refund offered


We are all in this together and no one is suffering more than any one else.  We all have our personal ' hard luck story' and we are all in this together. No one is any more important than anyone else.

We are here to assist and support so please


  • ROOM SHARING: DORM ROOM :  Limited to 2 persons and not 4 - one at each end of the room - so halving the number we can accommodate. IF you book to share with someone you have been  in quarantine with and together book and share the same room then we can sleep 4 in the Dorm Room. 
    We have plans to convert this room into a small King Size Bedded Suite in the late summer as dorm rooms look to be out of fashion for quite some time.

  • LARGE TWIN BEDDED ROOM:   2 persons sharing - New screen between beds -  Please use common sense.

  • LOUNGES & DINING ROOM:  Please adhere to sensible spacing and watch your sniffles when in close proximity to others. We have separate tables for meals – something we swore we would never – ever do – but we can still chat and laugh together even if spaced apart.

  • HOT TUB:  We have taken out the Hot Tub this year because of the running costs involved. We make our money in the summer and this has to see us through the winter.   Having lost more than half the summer season due to quarantine / lock down – we cater accordingly. Financial restraints will be necessary for millions of business’ if they – like us - hope to remain functional and open. Your understanding and cooperation is appreciated and warranted under the circumstances.






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