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Being a CLOTHES OPTIONAL venue you can go to your room, strip off and come down naked and relax with a cuppa, just make sure you sit on  towels provided. 

Sexual Contact - I have been asked what guidelines we have in place for sexual contact between guests and other than to say - THIS IS NOT MY BUSINESS It is up to you how you move forward sexually.

You know the risks.

You know the law.

You are over 21.

I am not your Mother.
If in doubt, just ask me and we can chat with you about what is safe and what is not.

If having sex while here - go right ahead with my blessing as long as its consensual and of legal age, then I am very pleased for you but PLEASE, not in the ground floor rooms, take it to your bedroom.

This is your holiday - and we want you to relax and enjoy. What you do in the privacy of your room is not my concern.  Please keep any 'close encounter' in your room and not within the downstairs rooms please.


If at any time we feel you abusing what we offer or act in an unreasonable manner - put others at  risk or simply will not respond if and when asked to change your ways - you WILL be asked / instructed to leave and no refund offered.

If this means contacting the police / local health authority - we will.

Apologies for this harsh manner, but working within the gay world has taught us that some ( sadly quite a lot ) people do not know how to behave and it is NOT always the young but all too often, the older generation who can have - at times - a fucked up and resentful attitude towards other LGBT and this is not tolerated at Hamilton Hall.    Homophobia comes from WITHIN the LGBT world - and we have worked for decades with this community and know it all too well.  Please, bring and present the best of yourself as we hope to offer in return. We all have bad / off days - understandable under the current circumstances - and I am sure much pain and hurt will accompany many after the horrifying Covid years and then Monkey Pox and HUGE increases in household bills, gas and electric as well as food costs all sky rocketing - - and we are here to help relieve the tension and worry - but not at a price  where we are abused and believe me, we tolerate tons of abuse from screwed up LGBT while trying to offer something wonderful and amazing and it does - at times - piss us off - just as it would you. 

We are all in this together.

We have all suffered in lockdown.

I was recently diagnosed with Prostate Cancer -
I worry about myself as well as my business

and I really am not in the mood for those who play childish games

You are not the only one going through it. 

Business' are closing and many large corporate venues gone for good. If Hamilton Hall is to survive and continue, we rely on you for financial input. With many venues taking government hand outs and then closing down and running, stealing the money  while  we are still here - still open and still here for you - and your appreciation of the mountainous workload we are involved with - is massively appreciated.  These are not normal times and we are working 14 hours a day PLUS in order to keep all within Hamilton Hall - safe. 

aaa relax 3.jpg

Do not be shy or nervous as many say they are upon arrival but go on to say that as soon as we opened the door, they relaxed.

We ask you to fill in a form while enjoying a cuppa - hot or cold drink - give you your key and hay presto, you are in.
The key you are given opens your bedroom door as well as the front doors, but not the other bedrooms.   Come and go as you please.

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