New guidelines from us - and from you - due to CovId 19

ALL GUESTS will have their temperature taken at entry.

This will be logged against your name and room number.
Customer will initial this as evidence.

Your Room Key will be cleaned in front of you at Reception.

If you refuse -  NO ENTRY and your booking will be cancelled and no refund offered . Apologies :  But PLEASE, do not give us  'atitude' on this.

Hamilton Hall will inform all guests on entry / registration about our various -

Social Distancing guidelines for within the house & garden.-

Cleaning routine -

Customer Responsibility - Helping to keep us all healthy

Masks, Gell, Gloves & Tissues / Wet Wipes- Location.

Customers will also be asked what safety masks/ gloves etc. they have brought with them and if nothing,  £10 per person will be charged for us to equip you with health & safety mask/gloves/gel.

PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN:  - You cannot travel on public transport without a mask By bringing your own you show you are responsible. If you do not - we will give you a Goody Bag with what you may need and charge as detailed above.


ALL HEAVY USE AREAS  - ie: Refreshments Area - Communal Toilets etc. will have Disposable Wipes to clean everything before hand.

Hamilton Hall staff will regularly clean these area but cannot follow every customer - so this will also be up to you to use common sense.

Toilet flushes - Door handles - TV remotes -

Stair hand rails - Keys - Kettle - Water Urn - etc.

All guests at breakfast  will have their temperature taken again and logged & initialed as above.  It is non invasive and if you refuse, you may be asked to leave and no refund.


as it is universal - and we are working extra hard - extra hours - for no wages - so please ' keep it simple' - polite and friendly.


Normal: 36.5 - 37.5 °C - ( 97.7 - 99.5°F )
Fever:    37.5 - 38.3 °C - ( 99.5 - 100.9 °F )

During the 4 months Hamilton Hall was closed, every evening we have taken body temperatures from the 3 of us here, logged it and kept a running total to keep a check of our health. We will do the same for you. If at any time in the future a guest  becomes ill with Covid 19 - we can prove we have done all we can to protect us all.  This means your cooperation and assistance remembering we are all at risk from each other.

Hamilton Hall has invested heavily in
Screens between Twin Beds -
Taking less customers in the Dorm Room

Seperate Dining Tables ( a first for us )

Digital thermometres - and they are NOT cheap.
Masks / Gloves / Anti Bacterial & Virus Gels

Extra Deep Cleaning

Hundreds of hours at this computer adapting this web site and how we proceed with structures in place to help keep the place extra clean and virus free.
We have gone to a HUGE amount of work to get all sorts of things in order to help protect us all from Covid 19.

Sexual Contact - I have been asked what guidelines we have in place for sexual contact between guests and other than to say - THIS IS NOT MY BUSIESS - It is up to you how you move forward sexually after a protracted period in isolation for many.

You know the risks.

You know the law.

You are over 21.

I am not your Mother.
If in doubt, just ask me and we can chat with you about safe Covid 19 sex.

This is your holiday - and we want you to relax and enjoy. What you do in the privacy of your room is not my concern.  Please keep any 'close encounter' in your room and not within the downstairs rooms please.


We went through a sexual pandemic in the 80's and 90's with HIV / AIDS where the world did nothing for years and thousands of young gay men died before anyone took any notice - and we all know why.


If at any time we feel you abusing what we offer or act in an unreasonable manner - put others at deliberate risk or simply will not respond if and when asked to change your ways - you WILL be asked / instructed to leave and no refund offered.

If this means contacting the police / local health authority - we will.

Apologies for this harsh manner, but working within the gay world has taught us that some people do not know how to behave and it is NOT always the young but all too often, the older generation who can have - at times - a fucked up and resentful attitude towards other LGBTQ and this is not tolerated at Hamilton Hall.    Homophobia comes from WITHIN the LGBTQ world - and we have worked for decades with this community and know it all too well.  Please, bring and present the best of yourself as we hope to offer in return. We all have bad / off days - understandable under the current circumstances - and I am sure much pain and hurt will accompany many after this horrifying lockdown period - and we are here to help relieve the tension and worry - but not at a price we are unwilling to pay for ourselves. 

We are all in this together.

We have all suffered in lockdown.

Business' are closing and many large corporate venues gone for good. If Hamilton Hall is to survive and continue, we rely on you for financial input as well as Health & Safety and where we expect you to use your COMMON SENSE in order to stay healthy.


REMEMBER YOU ARE PAYING HALF PRICE - and all sorts of items that were freely available before,  are now still available but are charged for.