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Hamilton Hall
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Dorset BH14EJ

A mixture of the Marigold Hotel - Golden Girls & Fawlty Towers.












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terms & conditions
Cancelation must always be in writing / e mail and not by leaving a message on Voicemail.
e mails received after 6pm will be considered from the next working day.

Please note our charges which apply.

We always suggest HOLIDAY INSURANCE.


Less than 7 days notice,  no refund.

More than 7 days notice.

A  £50 per person is ratained and the remainder returned to your credit / debit card.

Sorry about this, but some seem unable to comprehend we are a business and seem hell bent on messing us about. You would be astounded...


Some of our workshop weekends take a great deal of planning and arranging,  and we have strict guidelines of behaviour and cancellation.  This is for yours - and our - protection.  All bookings must be paid fully in advance through credit / debit card - for obvious reasons.  If in doubt, please ask.

We may touch on subjects you hold dear to your heart and will not mean any harm. We wish to open you up to alternative ways of seeing things - as only through sharing different views can any of us learn and grow to be better people.






Special Offers made by us to you through

e mail  are vaid for 24 hours.

If you reply several days later,

it will not be valid.

Please bare this in mind.

If you book and pay for 3 nights

and later want to change it to 2

you still pay for 3.
If you cancel - you loose your money


We get more abuse - more agrovation and more unprofessional attitude offered - for some reason - from some wishing to save some money with one of our Special Offers than at any other time - while offering an unprofessional manner towards us,  which makes so much more work.

'K I S S'

One guy today asked what our prices are in US$ - and as I stated, he could do what he was expecting me to do and Google it to find out, yet he assumed I would do this for him - CRAZY OR JUST LAZY -  and as I am not his banker or tour guide, it really is not up to me especially when he was being offered a 50% off summer special offer.

Now: If you are sensible and professional and thoughtful and maybe even a lIttle bit of ass kissing and grovelling - I am very open to change, but that really is up to you and how you have presented yourself throughout the transaction. Throwing abuse at us or being unprofessional  is not going to get you diddly shit.

Snowflakes - people who are easily offended or even DELIBERATELY offended - to get attention - will not be tollerated and will be ignored.

Hate mail will not be tollerated and your petty jealousy, resentment and envy of what you feel we have that you resent, is your problem, so do not throw your displeasure of your own life, onto us.



Less than 28 days notice - Nothing is returned.

More than 28 days notice - 50% is returned.

If we can re sell your space we will offer a 50% refund. 


Less than 28 days notice - Nothing is returned
More than 28 days notice - 50% is returned.


If you find someone to replace you for the Christmas period, all finances are to be sorted between you and an Admin Charge made to cover our costs ( Between  £25 - £100 -  Pease - keep it simple. )

If a friend of yours replaces you for a workshop / special event or for the festive season which you have fully paid;-  we require their name, address, e mail address and phone number and a confirmation e mail from you and from them covering this, and all monies paid are between you and them. A small charge will be levied for the name change.



Workshop weekends - Tantra & Massage -  where we work in pairs -if we cannot replace you and keep the numbers even, we will charge an extrs £50 FACILITATORS FEE as your facilitator then has to take part in the workshop as well as teaching, and this is a great deal of extra work.

Please bring an open mind and a willingness to join in.   Please be in the knowledge that if you do not join in, and if you do not listen or take part, you loose out and - in doing so, may spoil it for others.

LATE ARRIVALS - If we have not been informed of an arrival after 8pm,  there may be a surcharge for staff waiting up.  If you have not arrived before 10pm  and  we have not been kept 'in the loop' with a simple phone call to advise - there will be a £50 charge for every hour - or part of - where you are late.  Please - just be thoughtful of our time and work schedule and phone and let us know what is going on.   Late is no problem as long as we know.  We do not have 24 hour reception or all night staff and after dinner like to feel we have some ' off time' and do not want to be waiting - or have to pay staff to wait in / up.

Multiple e mails or asking questions answered on the web site - a Surcharge may be added to cover our costs. 

We should not have to have all these penalties in place and I have had to '
toughen up in business' as so many mess us around, think it funny or clever to mess about and be grossly unprofessional while they would NEVER  be so badly behaved to British Airways or any other business yet expect us to be all forgiving - all available - and if you offer us an unprofessional approach to business and this costs us money and time, this will be charged for.


We have our reasons.

Please see the main and full Terms & Conditions at  www.hamiltonhall.info