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Hamilton Hall - a hotel with a soul

Hamilton Hall is a hotel exclusively for men - clothing optional - and caters to all ages - although we do - by and large - attract an older gentleman between 30 - 90. 

With a beautiful aura of peace and calm,  many say Hamilton Hall has a therapeutic atmosphere that helps them chill out, calm down, and find some inner healing.
We do not have TV's or drinks in the bedrooms, and offer a friendly shared TV Room, where guests watch and giggle and chat together - and with around 60 different teas, coffees and various hot and cold drinks with cakes, biscuits and an assortment of other edibles freely available - self service and all free - 24 / 7 in the Dining Room, this encourages community and sharing - a 'coming together' of people who often feel isolated or lonely.


You can enjoy the Community Feel of Hamilton Hall and not feel alone, like in most  hotels and if travelling alone, you will feel the friendly atmosphere of togetherness straight away and we even offer discounts to single travellers over the age of 55.





We offer private accommodation -  2 Doubles which can be booked for a couple or for a single if you want a bigger bed;-   2 Twin Rooms with Separate Beds - Super King Bedded rooms - or the NEW Double Suite.    All rooms have showers and sinks and some have private toilets, and others - the toilet is just outside on the landing.

WE also offer a 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - if you can find a  better and cheaper men only venue in the UK that offers more for your money.
Set in a peaceful location just a 10 minute drive or 20 minutes walk into the town centre - or a 5 minute walk to the beach.
Clothing is OPTIONAL and we do ask everyone to be mature and grown up in how they perceive being naked around others. Any adult behaviour - please take it to your room. We are VERY BROAD MINDED - but cannot say the same for everyone else.

With a large
DIARY OF EVENTS  to amuse, educate, enlighten and maybe even shock, as Hamilton Hall is anything but boring and your happy memories start the moment you walk through the entrance.


This MOBILE FRIENDLY WEB SITE is limited in what is available - and if you have access to a computer / lap top / ipad you will find a great deal more information on all events planned, how to find us and everything.



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